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Why Jánosik?

In today’s fast-paced world, there is an increasing emphasis on healthy eating; however, the long hours spent at work do not always allow workers to always eat healthy and nutritious foods. But, our workplace meals allow just that.

Jánosik és Társai Kft. works with fresh and quality ingredients within the framework of its catering service.  We produce foods that take the consumer off their feet not only in their taste but also in their appearance. Its dishes are light, healthy, yet high in nutritional value and ideal in calories.

We pay full attention to ensure that our foods can also be consumed by those who are sensitive to lactose and gluten, and those with various food tolerances can also find dishes to their liking.

Our menu currently includes vegetarian / fitness / chef’s offer / action point items.  Furthermore, our meals can be ordered in advance.

Our catering concept allows for a high degree of flexibility. We will discuss every little detail with you and guarantee that everything will be tailored to your operation and needs.

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Our suppliers

Chef Market, Hellit Kft. Mr. Zöldség, Caffé Perte, Coca Cola, Metro., Pro Pack, Viwa Product Europa


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Own kitchen operation
  • We always provide fresh breakfast and lunch to suit the needs of the client
  • Our offer is dominated by low-fat and low-cholesterol foods, the proportion of vegetables and fruits, and in all cases we provide a wide selection of fish, cheeses and lean meats.
  • We provide a unique selection and extra options: our offer includes Hungarian and international dishes, light, reform and vegetarian dishes, seasonal vegetables and fruits, desserts and cheeses.

Warming kitchen
  • No kitchen technology is required.
  • Meals prepared in our kitchen are delivered in warming pots.
  • We can keep the various tasty dishes warm without different kinds of kitchen equipment and then serve them.

  • No kitchen equipment or staff is required.
  • With the help of our portioned meals, the workers can get to lunch quickly and easily.


We could also provide sandwiches, salad bowls and a special lunch for events. We make the catering element of any kind of event memorable with a diverse, spectacular, high-quality menu, as well as a reception and accompanying drink offer.
  • Complete event catering coordination and organization of additional event elements
  • Provision of machinery and equipment, furniture for comfortable consumption, their decoration and the entire team of professionals
  • Snack preparation for meetings, conferences, larger meetings and meetings with a variety of food and beverages
  • Full catering service for large events (e.g. corporate year-end events, family days, sports days)
  • Serving premium corporate and other events

Our cash register system

Our company uses the Royal Chef cash register system developed by GP-Soft Kft.:

The Royal Chef corporate governance system has been developed specifically for the needs of companies operating high-traffic catering units.  It helps with economical operation, supports cashless payment, integration of access and cafeteria data.

Royal Chef also supports several payment models and their combinations:
  • Credit / debit card support.
  • SZÉP Card support.
  • Management of multiple wallets with daily, monthly purchase limit setting options.
  • Fill-up management and consumption.
  • Subsequent clearance of negative balances.

Royal Chef cash registers are a great way to serve guests quickly from both buffets and restaurants. The touch surface can be changed dynamically, it can be adjusted to the selection available at the given cash register point.

Cash registers are licensed by the NAV (the National Tax and Customs Office of Hungary).

The Royal Chef Fill-up ATM is a flexibly expandable element of the cashless payment system. “Wallets” can be assigned to the card used for entry. The automated teller machine helps you to fill up your virtual wallet.

It provides easy refilling of the “wallet” attached to the card that provides both entry and purchase. Where a cashless purchase system is in place throughout the work area, it is important that employees have the flexibility to expand the available balance with cash.
  • It can be operated with cards already in use.
  • A card reader for the company’s own access control system will be installed.
  • Professional and accurate administration without involving extra manpower.
  • Multi-language interface – expandable on demand
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