Jánosik Kft. takes care of the forest in the Bükk hills.

- 2022.07.19.
Jánosik és Társai Kft. are carrying out conservation forest management work on an area of almost 500 hectares in the Bükk National Park. The two-year, more than HUF 80 million job was won in an open public tender, said Jánosik Lajos Jánosik, owner of Jánosik és Társai Kft. In two areas of one of Hungary's first national parks, Buják-Garáb-Gyöngyös-Mátraszentimre-Mátraszőlős and Bükkzsérc-Felsőtárkány, a total of 10 workers are working continuously in the forest areas on the outskirts of the villages. Typically, they use hand tools such as hoes, bellows, sickles, hoes, chainsaws and grass-cutting saws. They have to work in more than 300 different places. An extra challenge is that as there is no established road or path in the forest, they have to use a GPS-based mobile device to get to each work site, which guides them to the location. The company's outdoor maintenance business, which has been standing on its feet for several years and has a turnover of more than 12 billion forints, manages a total of more than 1.6 million square metres of green space every year, on the basis of more than 100 contracts. The company mainly builds parks, beautifies private gardens and cares for the vegetation in wooded areas, by carrying out seasonal maintenance work.