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Why Jánosik?

Our everyday work is determined by forms, functions and materials.

Every building forms its environment, and we at Jánosik are demanding for our environment.

The correct mapping of expectations, determination of functions and the creation of buildings embodying these is the task and opportunity that we at Jánosik carry out with pure heart.

When it is about design, the choice of high-quality materials is essential both from the aspect of spectacle and use value. We at Jánosik pay attention to quality and carefully select materials.

Apart from the appearance of buildings, we put a great emphasis on keeping the deadlines and on budgeting.

We undertake to perform traditional construction tasks:

  • greenfield investments;
  • reconstructions and renovations;
  • expansions;
  • energetic rationalizations;

We undertake to perform tasks requiring unique technological solutions, under special terms and conditions:

  • cleanroom implementation;
  • work during continuous production.

We can meet customer requirements that require strict security and data protection.

Professional guarantees

We like to leave traces in the world. We do not only prepare perfectly the tasks we are entrusted with but also bring out every surplus we see in a renovation, reconstruction or conversion. We do not distinguish between small or large assignments. We wish to serve the client under all circumstances, as expected, in good quality. Our management is ready to invest in any new ideas and suggestions that can further enhance our company’s professional recognition.

Main activities

  • General contractor services in the construction industry
  • Structural engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Construction of cleanrooms
  • Construction of factory halls
We are also present in the centuries-old buildings of several ones of our educational institutions of great history, as a contractor.

With our own investments in residential buildings, we provide a demanding living space for many families to achieve their goals.
“We create everlasting values and offer the opportunity of steady employment and livelihood.”
Ottó Szilágyi construction industry, Sector Manager