About us

Tevékenységünk az évek során a valós igényekhez igazodva alakult ki. 5 önálló ágazatunk van. Egymást kiegészítve, sikeresen működnek.


Over our history of more than 30 years, we have been continuously working to perform those tasks for our clients – preferably invisibly – which are necessary for the efficient performance of their main activities but do not belong to the core business of the client.

We perform our tasks consistently and honestly in each case, to the best of our knowledge. With the quality of our work performed, we would like to achieve that our clients do not only see the one-time entrepreneur in us, but as a long-term, continuously cooperative partner.


We show respect towards our partners who entrust us to perform the tasks; and also towards our colleagues with whom we fight together for the common goals.


We are demanding for our workplace environment, whether it is about one of our offices or a customer’s work area.


By this we would like to suggest to our partners that anyone who is demanding for himself will do a demanding job also for the client.

This is how we – the almost three thousand employees or subcontractors – live at Jánosik.


This care led us when we created out five sectors – adapted to market needs – which are successful both alone and particularly in combination with each other: cleaning, construction industry, property management, security service and outdoor care. Thus Jánosik offers the opportunity to perform complete facility management activities.


Our company started its activities in the form of a limited partnership in 1989. At the beginning, we carried out primarily cleaning activities. Our company has continuously developed and we have expanded our scope of activities with construction industry implementation, and then property protection and finally - at the end of the 1990’s, with outdoor care. Our increasing head count, sales revenue and the market expectations made it necessary to transform the limited partnership into a limited liability company in 1993. Since that time, we have been performing our activities in this corporate form, while all of our indexes have developed with magnitude. The entry of property management into the life of the company in 2003 was a major step in the development of the company’s final structure, i.e. the complex facility management.

Our philosophy


Because we like it when one can count on us in connection with a new task.


We keep our word.


We never stop in development.

Our team

Our leaders have been building their sector step by step almost since the very beginning. They have achieved their successes by cohesion, performance, development, appreciation and motivation.

Lajos Jánosik


"We create everlasting values and offer the opportunity of steady employment and livelihood.”

József Novák

Managing Director

"Aki leáll, az lemarad."

Katalin Jánosikné Heinisch

Manager of the Cleaning Sector

"Jánosikosnak lenni azt jelenti, hogy nem engedheted meg magadnak a rossz munkavégzést és hogy van egy második családod."

Andrea Mészáros

Manager of the Security Service Sector

"Amit kimondok, az úgy is van, ami elhangzik, az meg is valósul."

Ottó Szilágyi

construction industry, Sector Manager

"Elvállaltuk, biztosan be is fejezzük."

Norbert Szűcs

Manager of Outdoor Care Sector

"Nagyon jó a kollektíva. Ide nagyon nehéz bekerülni, és még nehezebb elmenni."

Dr. Tamás Szatmáry-Antal

manager of property management

"We build the company together."

Gábor Szabó

Marketing Director

Where do we work?

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“We create everlasting values and offer the opportunity of steady employment and livelihood.”
Lajos Jánosik Lajos Jánosik Owner