Outdoor care

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Why Jánosik?

It is an unmissable experience for us that parks and playgrounds become full of flowers thanks to our work. We cultivate several hectares of lawns and forest areas according to the professional needs, furthermore, we keep our environment orderly all year round.

In the field of outdoor areas, we mainly build and maintain parks, we work with industrial Alpine technology, take care of trees, cut twigs or, if necessary, cut out trees, furthermore, we build and maintain playgrounds.

We take care of and maintain public and corporate interior parks and private gardens from early spring to late autumn: we cultivate the vegetation, cut the grass, rake leaves, plant trees, bushes and flowers, furthermore, perform all seasonal care work. By the end of the season, we personally know every flower growing between our hands.

Professional guarantees

Fast and efficient care

From small sites to the parks of multinational corporations of a floor space of up to 100 hundred square meters, our fleet of machines enables the quick and efficient care of a wide range of areas. The well-funded background, the professional experience of many years, the continuous technological development, furthermore, the targeted further education of our employees guarantees the quality work expected by our partners. However, our staff’s enthusiasm for gardens, the love or plants, the passion for gardening and beautification cannot be replaced by anything.
Our Alpine team cuts out huge trees using our platform trucks, safely – even under extreme conditions. We cut the twigs of hazardous or unique trees or cut them out at corporate premises, in residential areas or outdoor areas due to damages caused by storms or to prevent accidents or damage.

If we are commissioned, we remove hundreds of hectares of shubbery under electric power lines, over gas pipeline trails or in boundary lines. These works usually take place under difficult terrain conditions, in poorly accessible areas.

In winter, we release roads and parking lots from snow and slippage. In two hours after a countrywide snowfall, we launch snow removal at the premises of our contracted partners.

We perform area recultivation, we create gardens and parks after construction work, build out irrigation systems and plant lawns.

Our main activities are:

  • We create and maintain ornamental gardens and parks
  • We plant and care of ornamental plants
  • We cut trees, shrubs and trim hedges
  • We provide plant protection and nutrient replenishment
  • We establish and maintain irrigation systems
  • We lay turfs
  • We cut lawn surfaces
  • We mow and stem-crush industrial or large areas;
  • If necessary, we collect and remove mown grass;
  • We build and maintain playgrounds
  • We build stone walls and construct walkways, pavilions and pergolas;
  • We perform area recultivation and create gardens and parks after large-scale construction projects;
  • We sweep pavements and roads and release them from snow and slippage
  • We cultivate forests and plant saplings;
  • We cut the twigs of trees or cut out complete trees, and, if necessary, we perform billet milling;
  • We clean borderlines and borderline clearances.
“No matter how unbelievable it is, one asks for your opinion at this company!”
Norbert Szűcs Manager of the Outdoor Sector