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Why Jánosik?

The cleanliness of your facilities affects your company’s course of business in many ways. The health and security of your employees and customers is a priority in all respects, and the clean environment represents the service provider directly in the eyes of the customers and visitors. Therefore it is vital for a company or a public institution to work with a cleaning service that understands and manages it properly.

Jánosik és Társai Kft. offers the highest-quality services in the field of industrial cleaning while providing a competitive price level. We are aware of the value of successful cooperation, furthermore, we are committed to overcoming our customers’ expectations. Respect, honesty and the honestly performed work is of paramount importance to us during each of our cleaning assignments – be it about regular cleaning activities, periodic or occasional cleanup or services requiring special expertise.

Professional guarantees

Online SLA system

For our major clients, the work carried out is verified in a digitized SLA (Service Level Agreement) system. Thus we can track the fulfilment of the undertaken requirements with an objective metric.

100% - EC-H2O

We pay special attention to protecting the environment. We use a significant proportion of 100% degradable, environmentally friendly detergents and cleaners using the EC-H2O technology.


Our well-established logistics system and well-chosen, committed staff assure that we can continuously provide excellent-quality services throughout the country
We perform the cleaning of food industry factories, warehouses, pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, other healthcare institutions - meeting even very strict standards - by using our own, well-developed cleaning technology, with a professional experience of more than 25 years. We clean the large-scale spaces of multinational companies and logistics bases with high-performance, upper-category, self-propelled machines. We keep hardly accessible glass surfaces in great heights by applying Alpine technology, and where the surface allows it, we use environmentally friendly osmosis cleaning technology that is extremely safe from the aspect of HSE. During our activities, we use environmentally friendly and safe products that meet today’s requirements. In possession of extensive technical, chemical and biological knowledge, our well-trained specialists are constantly working to ensure that the cleaning sector of our company can provide the right answer to every challenge. With our activities, we are present in the areas of the largest domestic industrial sectors, large companies, service providers, manufacturers and public institutions.

We have a separate general cleaning team, who can actively participate in substitution and handling of migration beyond ad-hoc works, so that our clients can detect as little as possible from this problem currently affecting Hungary as a whole.

We put a great emphasis on educating and controlling employees and to mechanizing work areas to increase the efficiency of work.

Our main fields of activity

A-category office buildings, chains of multinational companies, public institutions, educational institutions, financial institutions, telecommunications companies, energy service providers, public service institutions, pharmaceuticals, hospitals and healthcare institutions, logistics centres, plants, industrial areas, shopping and entertainment centres, food industry manufacturers and service areas.

Our basic services

  • Cleaning of offices and office buildings
  • Upholstery and carpet cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Overnight cleaning
  • Cleaning of halls
  • Tile joint cleaning
  • Mechanical sweeping
  • Duty cleaning
  • Periodic cleaning services
  • Daily cleaning services

Special cleaning services

  • Basic cleaning, coating, conservation, treatment and polishing of surfaces
  • Cleaning of surfaces requiring Alpine technology
  • External and internal cleaning of industrial tanks
  • Cleaning of technological wires
  • Cleaning of escalators
  • Industrial cleaning performed with foaming technology
  • Disinfection (sanitary) cleaning service
  • Osmosis technology (without any detergent, strip-free glass wash up to a height of 16 meters, without Alpine technology)
  • Diamond bench, diamond powder-based polishing technology
  • Cleanroom cleaning
“You cannot steer outmuscle. Keeping the right direction is the real challenge!”
Katalin Jánosikné Heinisch Cleaning Sector Manager