Property management

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Why Jánosik?

The usability of buildings and facilities, and the provision of good working conditions are a basic condition for the operation of a company or business and the satisfaction of its employees. Most often, we recognize their existence when they break down and hinder or threaten the operation of the business or the daily efficient work.

We at Jánosik, as concerns property operation, we strive to prevent and minimize malfunctions and defects by maintenance, thereby ensuring safety and peace required for our clients’ successful activities.

We eliminate the emergency situations occurred in a short response time, and we perform the planned maintenance tasks in a scheduled and reliable way.

In case of an emergency, we perform the repair of the broken drinking water pipeline professionally, we repair the defective boilers as soon as possible, ensuring that the main taps are closed, taking life and accident prevention measures and preventing the disaster.

In order to ensure the operating efficiency of the facilities, we strive to minimize energy consumption and maintenance costs, while ensuring the optimal work environment for those working in the building.

In the course of our construction industry renovations, beside the preservation of condition of the building, we create more beautiful and modern offices and leakage-free working conditions.

Professional guarantees

24-hour standby

Our business partners can count on us even in extraordinary situations. The operating sector is on a 24-hour standby every day of the year, so that it can eliminate power failures, boiler failures or pipe breaks within a short time.
During our facility management activities, we maintain, amongst others, the non-technological equipment of fuel stations, the office buildings of state institutions, the buildings of banking networks and we perform their full-scale maintenance, together with smaller and larger construction industry renovations.

In addition to the operational tasks, we also perform complex renovation tasks nationwide, such as: We perform the partial or full renovation of buildings subject to monument protection, office buildings, churches, branch offices of banks, fuel stations, factory units, MÁV facilities or pipelines.

During the implementation, we always keep in mind the use of renewable green energy, environmentally friendly materials and technologies, so that our clients can optimize their operating costs, as well.

Main activities

  • Building operation with 0-24 building surveillance, maintenance and caretaking
  • Troubleshooting, emergency troubleshooting and repair
  • Construction industry (architectural, mechanical, electrical) renovation and conversion work in office buildings, banking networks, filling stations, factories, industrial facilities and pharmaceutical factories.
  • Civil engineering and repair work (duct connections, wire replacements, shafts)
  • Conducting work related purchases.
"We build the company together."
Dr. Tamás Szatmáry-Antal manager of property management