Security service

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Why Jánosik?

The violation of the security rules or an unexpected event may ruin your event, leave a long-lasting mark on your reputation, threaten your facility and the security of your customers or even cause an irreparable damage to your business. The security of your business and staff can be guaranteed by a security risk management company specialized in your industry branch.

Jánosik has been preparing pro-active security plans and multi-level personal and property protection systems for more than 25 years, which usually outperform the expectations of our clients. We plan and organize the diverse tasks in consultation with the client. Taking into account the local characteristics, expectations and special tasks, the guard service instruction is prepared with the assistance of legal, OHS and technical specialists. Our professional expertise, the professional preparedness of our security guards and our tailor-made solutions provide solutions to the security issues of a wide range of industry branches. Our specialists and managers are well-trained and have a great professional background and experience; we train them continuously and regularly check their knowledge.

Professional guarantees

24-hour surveillance centre

The 24-hour surveillance centre between the service locations and Jánosik és Társai Kft. facilitates fast and reliable communication, the monitoring and control of service locations and the efficiency and tracking of measures. When organizing our work, our basic principle is trust, discretion, precision and order!

Our services

We guard plants, warehouses, high-value machines and the bases of energy service providers. We fulfil reception and customer services in hotels and public institutions. Our patrols fulfil their service by using special communication tools and trained dogs to help the service go before the crime. On demand, we provide enhanced guarding and protection of events, sports events and television shootings.

We know that long-term, permanent relationships with our clients can only be achieved through successful cooperation. We are aware of the value of a good relationship, therefore we keep in touch with our clients on a daily basis and keep in mind their interests.

Main activities

  • Personal, property, value and object protection (living environment, small and large enterprises, movable assets and real-estates)
  • Commercial property protection (stores, warehouses, depots)
  • Installation and operation of security technology and property protection systems (access control, alarm and video surveillance, security technology systems, camera systems, ramps, patrol control devices)
  • Live guarding and protection
  • Armed security guarding
  • Patrol service
  • Reception service
  • Dog patrol service
  • Law enforcement and security service
  • Dispatcher service
  • Screening and security inspection of employees (inspection of the entry and exit of persons and motor vehicles, probing, inspection with detectors, package and vehicle inspection, weighing control, goods protection, internal control)
  • Detective services in department stores
  • Fulfilment of internal audit tasks
  • Receptionist, customer and information service
  • Own 24-hour surveillance centre

Our special services

  • Money, value and cargo escort
  • Site insurance (screening of site insurance by special means, tools, ensuring the smoothness)
  • Personal and property protection, furthermore, private investigative activities (prevention, screening and elimination of industrial spies)
“We have developed our own electronic guard log, which lets you immediately see what is happening at the site at a given moment. This way we can immediately provide statistics or respond to a situation.”
Andrea Mészáros Manager of the Security Sector