Jánosik és Társai Kft. and DVTK launched a scholarship programme

- 2022.03.30.
For the first time, Zoé Csenge Katona, a young player of the DVTK Basketball Academy, member of the U16 team, was the winner of the DVTK-Jánosik scholarship worth HUF 500,000. Jánosik és Társai Kft. and DVTK have a long history together. They have been working together in various sports for ten years. The most recent fruit of this partnership is the DVTK-Jánosik Award, which is presented every year to an outstanding junior player by a jury of professionals. Jánosik és Társai Kft. started its operations in 1989 and has grown over the past 30 years into a large company employing more than 1,000 people. In addition to cleaning services, which are their main profile, they are also highly experienced in construction, property management, outdoor maintenance and security services. As a company from Miskolc, we are proud of our achievements over the past decades and of the fact that we have become a nationally known and respected company, starting from the county - said Lajos Jánosik Jánosik, owner of Jánosik & Partners Ltd. - We consider it important to support local values, and we consider DVTK, as the largest regional multi-sport club, to be a suitable partner in every respect. The cooperation between Jánosik and Partners Ltd. and DVTK has a history of more than a decade. In the past, the company provided special cleaning services for the stadium area, and in addition to various departments (football, volleyball, equestrian sports, etc.), it also regularly provides TAO support to the club to ensure its smooth operation. This philosophy permeates the daily life of the company, for example, we offer our employees the opportunity to take part in Zumba or spinal yoga classes from time to time and we organise several hikes together every year. Sport and a healthy lifestyle are very much in line with DVTK's philosophy, which has provided a great basis for fruitful cooperation in the past," said Lajos Jánosik. In addition to sports cooperation, DVTK and Jánosik és Társai Kft.. have also cooperated in several areas in supporting young people. At the international tournament, the best DVTK player was awarded a special prize. In addition, the company is a major sponsor of the DVTK Scholarship Programme for secondary school students with outstanding performance in mathematics and physics at state-run secondary schools in Miskolc. The importance of learning in a young person's life cannot be questioned and the love of a healthy lifestyle and sport is just as important. A balance between the two will result in a balanced and happy adulthood. This is what we want to motivate young people to achieve, and the result is the half a million forint scholarship programme we have just launched, with which we want to support a deserving young athlete from Diósgyőr every year - said Gábor Szabó, Marketing Director of Jánosik és Társai Kft.. She is a dominant talent in her age group, works well in training, and develops her skills in individual training before school. She is developing his individual qualities nicely, I am sure we will hear more about her in the future. The scholarship is in a very good place, among the many excellent athletes, it is an honour that Csenge was chosen - said Erzsébet Ambrus, head coach of the DVTK U14 team. "We are honoured by the initiative of Jánosik and Co., especially it is heartwarming that they support the development of a current junior player with the scholarship, because young people are our future. As a multisport club in Miskolc, it is a pleasure to work with a Miskolc company, as it is a good example of the potential of the city in the region. I hope that DVTK will be able to support many more such great initiatives, and on behalf of the club I would like to thank Jánosik and Partners Ltd. for their support to Csenge and the future award winners - concluded Dr. Péter Világi, Director of Communications and Marketing of DVTK.