The Miskolc Child Health Centre is ready!

- 2023.09.13.
The Children's Health Centre in Miskolc, renovated with the help of Jánosik Ltd. Lajos Jánosik, owner of Jánosik and Partners Ltd., announced that the Children's Health Centre in Miskolc, which was renovated with a total investment of nearly HUF 3 billion, was inaugurated at a ceremony held recently. The building was designed to provide patients with a high level of professionalism and comfort without compromise. The investment covered several areas. The Emergency Care Unit on the ground floor was extended and the existing part of the building was completely renovated, covering more than 1000 square metres. The Burns Department and the Paediatric Surgery on the third floor have been remodelled. In the Burn Unit, a sterile ward was created with a complete mechanical renovation of more than 600 square metres. The existing paediatric operating theatre has been completely renovated. This means that everything except the load-bearing walls and the ceiling have been rebuilt. A completely new operating theatre was also built, doubling the capacity once the construction was completed. One of the most difficult tasks of the project was the construction of a new bridge connecting the GYEK and the Star Point. It was built using special precision technology. The bridge allowed for fast, closed transport between the buildings (for example: helicopter transport). All in all, the building, equipped with a new electrical network, heating and cooling system, almost 60 doors and windows, several fire doors and windows, 33 photocell doors, is one of the most modern facilities in the hospital. Last but not least, the investment has created a more economical and sustainable building in the long term. A challenge for us, as contractors, was to ensure uninterrupted medical treatment in the building during the works. And we managed this successfully, with more care than usual and with a tighter organisation of the work. In the renovated buildings, the hospital staff will feel better and patients will recover more easily," said Lajos Jánosik.