Tree cutting with protection of bats

- 2018.07.25.
The first phase of renewal of Queen Elisabeth grove in Kisújszállás was completed successfully in spite of the fact that cutting out of old trees and dangerous plants should be stopped for several weeks. The reason for the necessary stoppage was that a nature conservation professional found two perished bats and one living bat at the trees cut down. Therefore the authority stopped the works provisionally. For the present, preparation of the second phase takes place which will start in August – said Lajos Jánosik, owner of the company performing renewal of the protected park. The work amounting to some HUF 32.4 million began in the middle of January this year and they plan to finish it at the end of November. The reconstruction of the grove became necessary because the branches, sticks falling down from the old tree, plants made the park dangerous and it already could not fulfil its original function.  Jánosik és Társai Kft. engaged in several fields won the work in a public procurement procedure. When deciding on its tender, it counted much that the company already had references of similar works performed. The renewal of the park is a special task since it should be done in town environment and special attention should be paid for caring the local fauna and protecting the remaining flora. They removed more than 377 dangerous trees from the soil and cut the branches of 200 trees. They thinned the brush and shrubs as well. Following the tree cutting, they will plant 200 pieces of root-ball tree seedling and 200 pieces of container solitaire shrub. The plants will be species fitting also to the oak-ash-elm combination characteristic of the Alföld.  The company will perform grassing as well in almost 3000 square meters. The nature conservation professionals looked over some seventy trees and examined also the stumps cut down. One of these latter should be left because there was a stag-beetle family found in it. The operations were done by using environment-friendly technologies. Beyond the manual force, they used powered tools as well, such as tractor, elevated work platform with cage, stump grinder, garden shredder, power saw machine. Now they are preparing for the continuance of the second phase, planting and grassing. They negotiate with the designers and then purchase the plants and other tools necessary for the planting. They would like to close also the second phase by the deadline, to everybody’s satisfaction – said Lajos Jánosik. Photo: Graphic