School renovated

- 2022.12.08.
Students and teachers took possession of the renewed Hunyadi Mátyás Hunyadi Primary School in Varsány. The educational institution in Nógrád County has been expanded with new classrooms and specieal classrooms, a gym and a sports field with a plastic surface. The almost HUF 1 billion investment has given the school a new floor, but the staircase and the external facade have also been renewed. The one-and-a-half-year project added a total of 2000 square metres of space to the school. Jánosik and Partners Ltd. won the open public tender and carried out the extension works at the Hunyadi Mátyás Hunyadi Primary School in Varsány," said Jánosik Lajos Jánosik, owner of Jánosik és Társai Kft.. During the complete infrastructure renovation of the school, 12 classrooms and 5 special classrooms were added to the building. A new staircase and a lift were built, and the facade was insulated. The roof is covered with new tiles. The old windows were replaced with plastic ones. The schoolyard, where a sports field with a recortan surface was created, and the new gymnasium, built by the partner company, now offer space for daily physical education and active sports activities for the local community. The construction work was completed within a tight deadline of 15 months. Jánosik és Társai Kft.. had 20 workers working continuously on the construction, but at peak times 60-80 builders were involved. The large-scale construction was based on a design that combined 21st century modern requirements with local architectural needs. The appearance of the new school is in keeping with the image of the village. Students and teachers in Varsany can continue their education in an environment that meets the needs of the modern age. Varsány has a total of 60 primary and 66 secondary pupils, with 9 separate classes. The main goal of the teachers is to reduce the gaps in pupils' knowledge, to help them catch up and to nurture their talents. Among other things, the modern environment has made it possible to set up art, volleyball and football clubs. The adaptation of programmes with an eco-school approach is also an important part of the institution's educational work.