The consortium of Jánosik és Társai Kft. and its strategic partner carries out cleaning work at MÁV

- 2016.03.17.
The consortium of Jánosik és Társai Kft. and its strategic partner ensures the cleanliness of more than 400 railway stations and 14 office buildings, including their surroundings. They won the work related to the cleaning and maintenance of MÁV stations located in the territory of South-eastern Hungary and a part of Budapest - including also the Eastern and Western Railway Station - in an open public procurement tender. The takeover of the areas will last from February to July, informed Lajos Jánosik, the owner of the Llc., market leader in the cleaning business. For the large-scale task of 1 billion per year, the company was commissioned for four years. More than 200 employees of Jánosik will continuously work on the assignment. Their tasks include cleaning of passenger and operational areas, their periodic cleaning, the provision of refill materials and cleaning agents, furthermore, complete snow removal and elimination of the risk of slipping. They will use special cleaning machines and tools for the work, and they will separately prepare their workers for this work. To perform the contract including strict conditions, an extra logistical program will be developed. “For example, there are stations that are only accessible by off-road vehicles,” said Lajos Jánosik.