They flowered Gödöllő

- 2019.12.23.
Jánosik és Társai Kft won the plant care works of administrative areas of Town of Gödöllő for 2 years in an open public procurement tender. Owing to their work, the town received Golden Flower Prize – informed us Lajos Jánosik, owner of the company. Some 300 settlements take part in the competition titled “For the flowered Hungary” aiming at ornamenting the environment. Only the local governments of towns and villages may participate in the competition and they should “flower” their environment by self-financing.  Among other activities, the colleagues of the outdoor care branch of Jánosik Kft collect foliage in a half million square meter area. They planted 14.590 pieces of annual, 577 pieces of perennial, 491 pieces of bush and almost 200 pieces of tree. In addition, their tasks include weeding of beds of flowers, beds of bushes and perennials, pruning of perennials, bushes and roses, hedge trimming, rejuvenation pruning of bushes, tree planting, mulch spreading and nutrient supply as well. 60 percent of employees are park keepers graduated from the local Montágh Imre Primary School and Child Development School. The child development school treats mentally handicapped children, children with moderately serious defect. These boys and girls could gain practice in the world of labour, got opportunity to show that they can stand their ground on the labour market. Communication is continuous between the Jánosik Kft and the school, mutually helping each other. Outdoor care is a sector of the company operating successfully for 21 years. The work done in Gödöllő amounts to more than 5 percent of the turnover achieved in the sector.