Jánosik Kft. renovates the Piarist College

- 2021.11.25.
The renovation of the Piarist College in Sátoraljaújhely continues. After the successful reconstruction of the first phase, the interior spaces are now to be modernised. Jánosik és Társai Kft. won the 854 million HUF investment in a three-round, invitational tender, said the owner of the company, Lajos Jánosik. The first phase of the renovation was completed in February this year. Its flawless execution was a good reference for Jánosik Ltd. In one and a half years, the roof structure of the building was renovated, the façade and courtyard windows were replaced, the external façade was renewed, the walls were waterproofed and the attic slab was insulated. In the current round, work will focus on upgrading the interior surfaces, covering a total of 2,633 square metres. The 17th century dormitory needs to be upgraded and extended to provide modern and homely conditions for the young people living there. It is interesting to note that the dormitory rooms for the current students were originally monastic cells in a monastery built long ago. New wall openings will be created, mechanical rooms will be installed in the attic and the connection to the district heating system will be solved. The renovated dormitory building will include living rooms with en-suite bathrooms, bright corridors, and communal spaces for learning and meeting. There will also be a gym for healthy living. The building will accommodate 90 secondary school students. Many young people will have access to opportunities they would not otherwise have. There will also be a 100-serving canteen kitchen to serve the residents. The renovation of the listed building requires special architectural techniques. Modern building surveillance and access control systems, sound systems and adequate lighting will be used. The contractor is in constant consultation with the monument inspectorate and the restorers. The plans are constantly reviewed and updated by the design team. The construction works must be organised and carried out in such a way that the permissible noise exposure levels are complied with. This is strictly monitored and enforced. Between 20 and 50 people a day are working on the site, which should be completed by the end of next year at the latest.