Jánosik és Társai Ltd. wins the Superbrands award for the fourth time.

- 2023.04.28.
The Jánosik brand has once again won the Business Superbrands Award, according to Lajos Jánosik, owner of the company. For the fourth time in a row, a panel of independent marketing experts and business leaders deemed Jánosik és Társai Ltd. worthy of being included in the world's most outstanding brands. The highly prestigious award recognises outstanding brand quality and the work invested in brand building. The company has not only won the Superbrands award, it has also won the MagyarBrands award five times. These awards are given on the basis of a thorough and comprehensive analysis of the most outstanding brands operating in Hungary. To win the awards, the same strict criteria had to be met as before. The awarding of the prizes took into account the fact that Jánosik és Társai Ltd. has continuously developed its services over the past three decades in line with market needs and can now offer complex facility management solutions. It is a market leader in cleaning services. Its four other sectors - construction, property management, security and outdoor maintenance - operate successfully independently but complement each other. In recent years, they have achieved annual sales of over 10 billion. They also appreciated the fact that they reinvested this profit back into the company, constantly improving their office buildings, their machinery and their image. Their completely renovated head office building was inaugurated this year. Employees and customers alike are keen to take advantage of the attention they pay to physical and mental training and further education. This is one of the reasons why they have been able to maintain their staffing levels in a difficult labour market situation. The awards are a great help to partners, as they embody high quality and can be a decisive factor in a customer's decision," said Lajos Jánosik.