Jánosik és Társai Kft. maintains a National Park

- 2016.07.19.
Jánosik és Társai Kft. won an assignment for the maintenance of the area of a National Park of 1,000 hectares in an open public procurement tender Although the staff of the company has already been working at a number of national parks, such as: at the Bükk National Park, the current assignment means a new kind of activity in the life of the company – said Lajos Jánosik, owner of the company. In the protected natural areas of the Körös-Maros National Park Directorate, during the management of the nature conservation areas, Jánosik performs coarse fodder production, mowing, swathing, or, if necessary, swath distribution and baling work processes. During the work to be performed in the territorial units of Dévaványai-Ecsegi steppes and Csanádi steppes, particularly strict work instructions must be observed. Not only the quality of the feed produced is important. During the work, special attention must be paid to the protection of the wild animal species. Work processes can be performed by using special machines and machine accessories, ensuring warning of wild animals to escape. For example, we eliminate the use of a front scythe, the scythe mounted with the stem-damaging auxiliary option, or the use of efficient game repellents. Amongst others, the most significant sized bustard population of Hungary lives and nests on these territorial units.  For example, this is why it is forbidden to perform night work here, and only bird-friendly mowing can be carried out. Looking for new opportunities, Jánosik continuously expands the range of its services. The currently won seasonal contract means a 10% revenue increase in the company’s outdoor sector. “Knowledge of and respect for the environment is of prime importance during our work” – said Lajos Jánosik.