Our self-developed electronic guard log system is the engine of efficiency

- 2018.03.26.
Efficiency and solution orientation is the key principle of all of our sectors; we regularly analyze our processes to find the points where we can increase the quality of our services. This is how we have created our self-developed electronic guard log, too; we have introduced it among the first ones in the market in the field of security guarding, and nowadays 50% of our clients use it with great satisfaction. Thanks to the easy-to-use, user-friendly software, daily events and tasks can be captured here, which, besides replacing a lot of paper-based documents, speeds up reporting as it includes real-time data and position reports, and is easy to understand and manage. One of its greatest advantages is the reduction of response time, resulting in a significant time saving both as regards the duties of the guard and the damages arising out of any potential extraordinary events, as through the electronic guard log, the person authorised to access it can be immediately informed about all incidents and he can immediately take or order to take the necessary measures. Certain elements of the program can be customized for the tasks of the service, and can be selected according to the client’s needs. By using it, we can save time, money and, last but not least, document storage space and we can increase our efficiency. Our software is an upgraded version of the classic, paper-based guard log, which, beyond the elements of a traditional document, allows for personal and motor vehicle access control, key registry management, access card registration, patrolling monitoring, technical failure management and we can perform a number of records and documentations through it which have previously been made on paper. Furthermore, it is also important that it enables displaying of any kind of documentation, guard instructions, internal policies, educational materials, etc. for the security guard during his work, thus it is much easier for him to trace anything in the program than in a paper-based instruction or in a policy that is several hundred pages long, as the guard can make a targeted search in it. Our clients have the opportunity to send a daily request or information to the guard, which is immediately seen by the guard on the instruction interface. The log can be accessed by the guards, their managers and the clients on the basis of conciliating authorisations. They can connect to it from any parts of the world, through a VPN-based secure interface, by using a computer or a tablet. This way all persons concerned can remotely monitor the work of the guard; after documenting the incident, the log immediately generates an e-mail about it, and the persons concerned are immediately notified about it at the same time and, if necessary, can intervene in the action. This is the most efficient element of the log, which also makes our clients very satisfied and willing to use it. The operation of the program has been developed in accordance with the current legislation, so data backup and retention is ensured accordingly, as well. If you would like to make your processes more up-to-date and more efficient, contact our colleagues for details.