Jánosik Kft. closes a successful year

- 2015.12.08.
This year, for the first time since its foundation more than 20 years ago, Jánosik és Társai Kft. reaches the net sales revenue of 10 billion forints. “According to the first quick balance sheet, the efficiency exceeds 400 million, so it can be said that the company closes a successful year” – informed Lajos Jánosik, the owner of the company. By 2015, the company has become a business organisation certain sectors of which have become national market leaders, and others have become recognized market factors. The turnover of the cleaning business, the main profile of the diversified company this year amounted to 4.5 billion forints, which is 30 percent higher than last year’s revenue. In 2015, the construction industry was another dynamically developing sector, and its revenue - thanks to the investments supported by the European Union - also reached 4.5 billion, which again means a 30% increase. The 450-million revenue of the Security service sector means an improvement of 10 percent. With its 400-million turnover, the Operating sector has also surpassed its this year’s plan. The company is present in almost every area of the country. This year, it was typical that the tasks were solved with own employees instead of subcontractors. The number of employees increased significantly compared to the previous year. By the end of the year, the company provides a secure job and livelihood to more than 1,000 own employees. One of the secrets of their successes is that the result of their work is largely recycled to the business. This year, it is planned that only 15 percent of the pre-tax profits will be paid out as dividends, and the remainder will further develop the company. Plans for next year are being prepared. In 2016 it is expected that the cleaning sector will grow further, which is also indicated by the evolution of the client portfolio. “Investments are expected to become more moderate, so the revenue of the construction industry will be more moderate, but will still reach 3-4 billion forints” – said Lajos Jánosik.