Jánosik és Társai Kft. have become the winner of the Superbrands Award

- 2017.07.17.
This year Jánosik és Társai Kft. won the Superbrands Award in the excellent business brand category – announced Lajos Jánosik, the owner of the company. Last year, the company received the MagyarBrands Award. This year, Jánosik Kft. was considered worthy also of the Superbrands Award. The committee of independent and voluntary experts brings a decision on the candidates based on the same principle in almost ninety countries of the world. The Business Superbrands Committee observed and screened almost 4000 companies, brands on the basis of the annual sales revenue and the Bisnode Rating Risk Index established by the Bisnode Group, and taking into account the recommendations made by the industrial associations and professional organisations, it selected the best business brands of this year. In addition to the data of official sources (National Tax and Customs Office (NAV), court of registration, etc.), the Bisnode Rating index also incorporates the financial information about the company, such as: balance sheet data, profit and loss statement, trends, furthermore, the payment discipline, demographic data, activities, size and owners of the company or organisation. The economic performance of the company owning the brand was evaluated separately. Accordingly, in 2013, the company reached a turnover of 6.3 billion, in 2014 it reached 8.4 billion, while in 2015 and 2016, it reached a turnover of nearly 10 billion forints. The result was nearly 400 million. It is anticipated that in 2017, the volume of the company’s purchase orders will increase by more than 30 percent. The turnover of the cleaning business, the main profile of the diversified company amounted to 5.5 billion forints in 2016, which is 20 percent higher than the previous year’s revenue. One of the secrets of their successes is that the result of their work is largely recycled to the business. Only 15 percent of the pre-tax profits was paid out as dividends, and the remainder will further develop the company. The size of the company can also be characterized by the fact that the head count of employees has also increased considerably in recent years, and last year, they provided safe work and livelihood to 1,500 own workers. It has invested considerable capital and expertise in all of its developments. The Superbrands Award certifies excellence in the Hungarian market. The Business Superbrands status reinforces the position of the given brand, enhances its prestige and distinguishes the brand from its competitors – said Lajos Jánosik.