Jánosik és Társai Kft. has become a 10 billion company

- 2016.12.08.
Just like last year, Jánosik és Társai Kft. will achieve a net sales revenue of 10 billion forints also this year. According to the year-end quick balance sheet, the efficiency exceeds 200 million. This is almost the same result as in the previous year. “Thus, overall, the company can close a successful year” – informed Lajos Jánosik, the owner of the company. The business that has been operating for more than 25 years has become international after having won their first foreign assignment in Slovakia. By 2016, the company has continued to expand its coverage in Hungary, as they have won tenders in national parks, fuel stations, and in respect of the renovation of buildings in several counties and in Budapest. Certain sectors of the company have retained their national market leader position, while others have remained a recognized market factor. The turnover of the cleaning business, the main profile of the diversified company this year amounted to nearly 6 billion forints, which is 18 percent higher than last year’s revenue. In 2016, the revenue of the construction industry sector reached 2 billion forints. In order to take advantage of construction industry capacities, the company has started its own investments. For example, in Miskolc, they are building a 49-apartment residential park. The 650-million revenue of the security service sector means an improvement of 30 percent. With its 500-million turnover, the operating and maintenance sector has also surpassed its this year’s plan. The 250-million revenue of the outdoor care sector means an improvement of 20 percent. The number of employees of Jánosik has increased significantly compared to the previous year. By the end of the year, the company provides a secure job and livelihood to nearly 1,500 own employees. One of the secrets of their successes is that the result of their work is largely recycled to the business. This year, it is planned that only 20 percent of the pre-tax profits will be paid out as dividends, and the remainder will further develop the company. As a recognition of their high-quality work, the company won several awards also this year. They won the audience price of one of the largest architectural competition of the world, the Architizer A+ Awards award, for the complete renovation of the Galyatető lookout tower. Another one of this year’s successes was the receipt of the MagyarBrands Award in the Excellent Business Brand category. According to the plans for 2017, they will further develop the cleaning sector. In the construction industry sector, they expect a recovery, but they will also continue with own investments. Thus the revenue of Jánosik Kft. will reach 11 billion forints. They would like to expand also beyond the borders, said Lajos Jánosik.