Renovation and reconstruction works in Building C/2 of the University of Miskolc

- 2018.09.10.
Found in the Egyetemváros (University Town) of Miskolc, the Building C/2 consisting of six parts will gain its forward-looking form through the construction operations of the Jánosik és Társai Kft. – this is the first significant structural reconstruction since its opening in the 1950ies. Our company’s basic values include continuous renewal and development based on the most modern technologies and innovative solutions. Therefore we are very glad that our construction industry sector was charged with the establishment of a research centre as well. During the designing, the main aspect was to ensure the better utilisation of rooms of the faculties operating in the building, to form further rooms and shape the entrance and inspiring interior spaces of the Higher Education and Industrial Cooperation Centre. Our colleagues are working on very wide-ranging tasks. The floor will be demolished in several parts; modern base materials will be installed instead. In the workshop hall, the façade doors and windows will be changed to aluminium case and wing structured door and windows avoiding thermal bridging. The glazed structures will receive three-layer heat insulating glazing. Since the bridge connecting the Buildings C2 and B1/C1 is in very impaired condition, it will be demolished and then rebuilt in the same form as the original. The comfort feeling of the students will be increased by that according to the new construction a covered reinforced concrete structure will ensure the passage between the two buildings.  In addition, the side face-work of the bridge will also have special appearance: a unique material technique pattern showing a molecular structure prepared by a graphic designer will be formed. Within the framework of the project, we work on the hindrance-free accessibility and usage of the building as well. In this way, each level of the building can be accessed hindrance-free from the main building; also the central entrance, to which a new ramp will be established. The parking lots in front of the facility will be reconstructed, and additional four hindrance-free parking lots will be established. We are proud that our dynamically developing Construction industry sector can contribute to the operation of such a forward-looking institution.