Within the framework of the Interreg programme, Jánosik és Társai Kft. is renovating a memorial park

- 2020.09.08.
Within the framework of an open public procurement procedure, Jánosik és Társai Kft. won the renovation of the Kazinczy Memorial Park in Széphalom, Sátoraljaújhely.  The park was last renovated nearly fifty years ago. The very attractive memorial park is a protected natural value.  The renewable area is 4.5 hectares. As Lajos Jánosik said, the park and the Kazinczy Mausoleum (also known as the Kazinczy Memorial Hall or Memorial Building) will be renovated during the investment of more than HUF 230 million. In the course of the works, among others, the electrical network of the monument building will be reborn, and then new heating and dehumidification equipment will be installed. During the renovation of the park, the company is trying to restore the original condition. The curiosity of the garden is that on the south side of the memorial hall, there stood a very old twisted white acacia tree, probably planted by Ferenc Kazinczy himself. According to oral tradition, this was received from Samuel Tessedik, the proponent of afforestation in the lowlands, the domestic distributor of acacia, which is why the locals call it the Tessedik tree. The tree burned under mysterious conditions in the summer of 1996, its stump got ruined.  However, the scion of the Tessedik acacia is already growing, and the sculptor László Égerházy made a work of art from one of the relatively intact pieces of burnt wood, which can be seen on the site of the Tessedik acacia. Within the framework of the Interreg - cross-border - programme, the employees of Jánosik Kft. carry out the selection of the tree portfolio in the garden, cut out the trees in dangerous condition, clean up the bushy area and remove unsuitable tree species.  The spatial structure itself is reconstructed from a 1932 aerial photograph. The authentic restoration of the garden’s former promenade network and the replacement of certain missing promenade sections will also take place. The concrete curbs made in the late 1970’s will be replaced and a new pavement will be created on the walkways with proper water drainage.  The most interesting part of gardening is that the marking of the foundations of Kazinczy’s former mansion will be solved with gardening tools.  Until the expected inauguration of the garden and mansion, about twenty people a day will work on the investment.