Jánosik és Társai Kft. builds a health center in Csömör

- 2018.04.27.
In the life of Csömör, our company implements the largest investment of the last 5 years with the construction of the health centre. We already started the works of the greenfield investment in the last quarter of 2017 and it is expected to be completed at the end of 2018. When designing the building, the main aspect was to be able to provide high-level professional and comfort services of patients. We wanted to combine this with economical and sustainable operation in the long run, ensured by environmentally and energy conscious solutions. The architect designed a clean, U-shaped institution harmonizing with its surroundings; with special brickwork and large green spaces. The building has a single storey, with a partly developed attic and an inner garden open from one side. The dentist’s and general practitioner’s offices with the belonging server rooms will be hosted in the western wing, with a common entrance. The eastern wing will host the paediatric clinic and the health visitor’s service, with the server parts, again with a common entrance. In the part establishing a connection between the two wings, there will be a larger community space that can accommodate larger programs and meetings; this will also be the general staying place of the staff. One has thought of future developments or the implementation of further healthcare activities and services, as well; two rooms have been established for the operation of these. Many green areas and natural light will contribute to the pleasant feeling of visitors. The latter one will be supported by the fully glass-bordered parts of the corridors and waiting rooms. Apart from this, covered surfaces will be used only to the extent necessary, both on the plot and in the parking lot. The institution also has a herb garden that further enriches the lively green areas of the building.