Jánosik és Társai Kft made a contract with MÁV

- 2018.05.20.
Jánosik és Társai Kft. gained general contract for 3 years in the territory of the Miskolc Regional Directorate for Railway Trackage of the MÁV Hungarian State Railways Private Limited Company in an open public procurement tender.  In accordance with the contract, they will perform maintenance, failure removal and fault clearing tasks in three counties. The contract includes also the buildings of the National Asset Management Inc. – said Lajos Janosik owner. Among other things, the success is owing to the good references of the company. The dimension, own expert team and asset amount of the company producing turnover of more than HUF 10 milliard also provided due security for fulfilling the works of high volume. During the one and a half year past, the company’s experts worked on fault clearing tasks more than half a thousand times and continuously performed the maintenance duties. They completed the maintenance tasks of two large MÁV facilities, including the maintenance work of the external façade of the MÁV Miskolc Directorate, to full satisfaction.  The other large-volume work was the maintenance of the roof of the platform C of the MÁV Miskolc-Tiszai Railway Station. This latter task should be solved in such a way that the traffic could run smoothly on the other railway tracks. They have jobs to do each day of the year, including the week-ends and holidays as well. From the fixing of tap dripping to determination of cause of gas conduit leakage, a lot of tasks arise day by day.