Jánosik Kft has become specialist in construction of church buildings

- 2020.06.17.
Jánosik és Társai Kft won again renewal of a church property. Now they were commissioned to construct the new social care centre of the Baptist Szeretetszolgálat (Love Service) in Miskolc. The several decades’ experience in construction industry and the renewal of several church properties, temples seemed to be an excellent reference - told Lajos Jánosik managing director. The company is engaged in several sectors, market leader in cleaning, and achieves annual HUF 15 milliard turnover. Its construction industry branch receives almost 50% of the total revenues. They have performed building renewal of total 100 000 square meters with 200 employees and 500 000 working hours. They built a Greek Catholic temple in Mezőkövesd, a new Reformed temple and congregation house in Miskolc, renewed a Reformed nursery school in Budapest, and transformed and enlarged the building of the Greek Catholic primary school in the Borsod County Centre. One half of the twin house having town significance functioned as an operating institution during the operations as well. It made the construction difficult. The other half of the building required compete renewal. They strengthened the structural walls, built new reinforced concrete floor structure. As a special architectural solution, the level of the floor structure had to lower by 1.2 meter in order for the loft to be built in. New floors, partition walls were built, which involved the modification of the engineering and electric system. The doors and windows were replaced; the façade was heat-insulated. Rehabilitation of the building had to be solved in such a way that the original frontal image, mass ratio and roof shape do not change. On the average 10-12 workers were working on the construction and we managed to complete the work in a half year.