They insist on quality

- 2020.05.16.
The strictest audit is done at Jánosik és Társai Kft year by year. As a result of the pandemic situation, the external auditors conducted the audit with special rules observed this year. Insisting on the strict quality requirements, they audited the company by means of Internet technology. They found that everything is all right, and it is very good because the strict quality management and the successful certification of the six audits mean one of the best guarantees towards the clients – said Lajos Jánosik company owner. Notwithstanding the virus situation, they did not give up the renewal of the quality assurance systems. The sales turnover of the company owned by Hungarian persons in 100 percent and having integrated management system exceeded HUF 15 milliard last year. They try to minimise the economic disadvantages caused by the corona virus pandemic. One of the key for it is that the company engaged in several sectors consistently controls and keep to the strict quality requirements. Following the full-scale audit, the auditors of external companies specialized in it finished the qualifications in the first half of May. They renewed our quality and environmental management systems as per ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards as well as performed the audit of the labour safety management system as per MSZ 45001, information security system as per ISO 27001 and energy management system as per ISO 50001. This latter makes it possible for the company to diminish the energy costs and decrease the amount of gases, wastes causing greenhouse effect. The audit of the military quality management system as per the standard AQAP 2110 was also finished recently. This latter is one of the strictest certificates. Its existence is the precondition of the NATO supplier qualification and participation in the tenders of police and military organisations. These certificates verifying fulfilment of requirements of internationally accepted quality management systems establish customers’ confidence and thereby help marketability and competitiveness – told Lajos Jánosik.