The renovation of the District Office of Sárospatak was completed with the implementation of Jánosik és Társai Kft.

- 2017.10.26.
Our construction industry sector has introduced itself within the framework of a special project in Sárospatak: our company was commissioned with the renovation of an office building under monument protection. After the 10-month complex implementation work, it was handed over at the end of September. The fulfilment of the project meant a lot of challenges and professional development opportunities, as the aim was to renew the energy system of the building: a modern air technology, heating system and electrical network was installed, while preserving the Baroque style of the building. The implementation was realized within the project titled “Special building energy developments of public buildings in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County”. The work concerned both the interior and exterior of the building. In close cooperation with the National Monument Protection Authority, the whole facade renovation was completed, supplemented by modern thermal insulation. Custom-made windows and doors were prepared, which are authentic copies of the former windows but are made of plastic and wooden elements, meeting today’s requirements. Furthermore, new tin structures and rainfall control systems have been installed, with the renovation of the roof structure, as needed. We applied up-to-date and environmentally conscious solutions also from the aspect of building services engineering: a new heating and cooling system - equipped with a heat pump -, furthermore, an air technique system was established, and instead of the old, obsolete boiler room, a new, easily accessible thermal centre was established. Within the framework of the building electricity renovation, more than 15 km of new, high-voltage and low-voltage wires were installed, and new switches, sockets, lighting fixtures and distribution cabinets were mounted. Overall, it can be said about the handed over building that it has preserved its authentic, Baroque facade thanks to the close cooperation between the monument protection and the restorers, while under the old robe, it has got enriched with technical solutions that meet today’s challenges. For this, the system-based way of thinking and solution-oriented operation, typical for our team was essential. We were very pleased to see that at the delivery and acceptance ceremony, the clients have outlined exactly the same aspects in connection with the cooperation.