Jánosik és Társai Kft. won more than 80 percent of ad-hoc requests for an offer

- 2017.11.17.
In addition to the permanent contractual assignments, the ad-hoc assignments also increase the revenues of Jánosik és Társai Kft., the market leader company in the sector of cleaning services. While the revenue from the cleaning work performed at constant partners is around 7 billion forints per year, the value of ad-hoc orders exceeded 200 million forints for the first time this year – informed Lajos Jánosik, owner. The main activity of the company - with a diversified portfolio of activities - is the cleaning service. Thanks to their reliability, references and professional, technical preparedness, more and more clients assign the company with ad-hoc, occasional work. By mid-November this year, 486 offers were made to prospective clients and more than 80 percent of it was won. 95 percent of ad-hoc inquiries were received from existing or former partners. Of course, it has also happened that external contractor companies recommended Jánosik Kft., for example, for coarse or so called fine cleaning after the construction work. Furthermore, more and more clients find the company through its website. Their working groups operate region by region, covering almost the whole country. This is how it is possible to activate a sufficient number of cleaning personnel and the right tools in a particularly short time. Among their ad-hoc assignments was the large-scale cleaning of the 27,000 m2 headquarters of a multinational company operating in the field of telecommunication, involving more than 150 workers over a weekend. Another larger and more difficult assignment was completed when the company cleaned the external glass surface of one of the largest factories of Hungary, with a special, so called osmosis water technology. But the assignments also included the cleanup of a logistics site of a floor space of more than 15 thousand square meters at various points of the country, furthermore, at a site of a large pharmaceutical plant, the employees of Jánosik Kft. performed cleaning work in special work clothes, using special detergents – said Lajos Jánosik.