Energy modernisation of buildings

- 2023.12.08.
Jánosik and Partners Ltd. has modernised a seven-storey building in Csalogány Street in Budapest for more than HUF 1 billion. The facility is operated by the Directorate General for Public Procurement and Supply and has undergone a complete energy modernisation. The large volume of work was won through a public procurement tender. Their bid was successful due to the favourable price, our references and the competence of the professionals involved in the project," said Lajos Jánosik, owner of Jánosik & Partners Ltd. The construction sector of the multi-legged company, which is considered to be among the market leaders in facility management services, has gained a lot of experience in the energy renovation of buildings. They have upgraded schools, hospitals, financial institutions and several public buildings. In the property on Csalogány Street, more than 1600 square metres of façade windows were replaced. 317 square metres of roof insulation and waterproofing were carried out. The façade was insulated with stone wool over almost 1,000 square metres. Traditional insulation materials were replaced by so-called vapour barrier insulation. The advantage of vapour-retaining mineral wool is that, due to its porous structure, it absorbs moisture at high humidity and releases it at low humidity, for example during ventilation.The gas boiler has been replaced, a solar energy system has been installed and a heat pump has been installed.The street façade on the ground floor has been given a special glazing to match the style of the building. During construction, there were 60-70 people working per day. The construction sector accounts for almost 40 percent of the 16 billion euros in annual turnover," said Lajos Jánosik.