Jánosik Kft. wins the MagyarBrands award again

- 2023.11.06.
Jánosik and Partners Ltd. won the MagyarBrands award for the sixth time, said Jánosik Lajos Jánosik, owner of Jánosik and Partners Ltd. MagyarBrands awards Hungarian brands that can be a worthy representative of Hungarian businesses both within and outside our borders, and that represent values on the domestic and international market that attest to reliability and quality for customers. MagyarBrands has been awarded to the most successful Hungarian brands for more than a decade. To be awarded the title, a brand must be born in Hungary. Jánosik and Partners Ltd. is a 100% Hungarian-owned company. The company, which has now been recognised again, has been continuously developing its services over the past three decades in line with market needs. They are among the market leaders in the cleaning business. Their other four main activities - construction, property management, security and outdoor maintenance - operate successfully independently but complement each other, and now offer complex facility management solutions. Year on year, they have achieved a turnover of over HUF 14 billion, with a target of over HUF 15 billion this year. They clean institutions, department stores, public buildings, industrial buildings, but also hospitals and pharmaceutical factories. Their construction sector carries out general construction, civil engineering, building construction and the construction of factory buildings. They also carry out the technical management of several buildings and build parks, maintain outdoor areas. In addition to visibility, acceptance and the price of services, more and more attention is being paid to care, help, compassion and support. Thus, the award also takes into account the fact that Jánosik & Partners Ltd. has been able to maintain its staff despite the difficult labour market situation. The company provides a livelihood and competitive income for more than 1200 employees. Another criterion for the award was the fact that environmental awareness is a priority in their activities. They are committed to using environmentally friendly materials, equipment and technologies. They strive for reduced environmental and waste emissions and reduced energy use. They give priority to sustainability in their development. The high level of attention paid to physical and mental training and further training of employees, which is also positively received by their customers, was also appreciated. They also appreciated the fact that the results are reinvested back into the company by continuously improving their office buildings and machinery.