They renovated the Slovakian training centre

- 2019.05.07.
Jánosik és Társai Kft. renovated a Slovakian-language nursery school, school, secondary school and residential college in Budapest. The company engaged in several sectors and reaching annual turnover of more than HUF 13 milliard won the work amounting to more than HUF 200 million in a tender. They entered into a contract with the National Slovakian Local Government for the performance of the work at the end of last July – said Lajos Jánosik, owner of the company performing the renovation. The work completed in the facility found in District XIII of Budapest was a real challenge. Well, the nursery school, school, secondary school, residential college and special college were continuously operating in the building, except for one month. It means that from the 3-4 years old children to the twenty years old youth everybody was learning in the school, playing in the nursery school and living in the residential college day by day. It required very serious organisational work and continuous negotiation that they can disturb the educational work only to the less possible extent. Even the afternoon sleeping of the kindergarteners had to be taken into account. During the renovation they replaced everything which was in the wall and on the wall: the electrical, water, sewage and heating conduits. Radiators, doors, internal windows, lighting, suspended ceiling and air conditioning pipelines were installed. They laid down the floor (1300 m2) as well and finally solved the full installation of the fittings. In the residential college, they established four teacher’s rooms, with sanitary blocks.  The reconstruction of the three-storied residential college was the greatest task. They renovated total nine sanitary blocks, three laundry rooms and three kitchens. The daily operations were performed by almost 20 skilled and unskilled workers under the supervision of a building engineer. They completed the renovation started last summer by the date in 100% in accordance with those undertaken in the contract – said Lajos Jánosik.