Jánosik Kft. renovates hospital

- 2022.05.12.
Jánosik és Társai Kft. is to carry out the renovation of the Children's Health Centre (CHC) in Miskolc, worth almost HUF 2 billion. The company's work on the reconstruction of the Jahn Ferenc South Pest Hospital and the National Clinical Neuroscience Institute, among others, was a favourable reference for the tender, said Jánosik Lajos, owner of the company carrying out the work. The building was designed to provide uncompromising, high quality professional and comfortable services to patients. The project can be divided into several areas: - an extension of the emergency care unit on the ground floor; - a complete renovation of the existing part of the building, covering around 1000 square metres; - a conversion of the burns department and the children's operating theatre on the third floor; - in the burns department, a sterile ward will be created with a complete mechanical refurbishment of more than 600 square metres; - the existing children's operating theatre will be modernised with all but the load-bearing walls and ceiling being renewed; - a completely new operating theatre will also be built, doubling the capacity once the construction is completed. An important element of the project is the linking of the GYEK and the Central Patient Care building with an enclosed corridor, the so-called BRIDGE. The BRIDGE will make it faster and safer to move between the buildings in confined spaces, for example when patients are transported by ambulance helicopter. The structure is about 55 metres long and will be the longest bridge on the hospital site. As a result of the project, the HACCP will be one of the most modern facilities in the hospital, with a new electrical network, heating and cooling system, almost 60 doors and windows, several fire doors and windows, and 33 photocell doors. The investment will create a more economical and sustainable building complex in the long term. A challenge for the contractors is to ensure uninterrupted medical treatment and patient care while the work is being carried out. The construction work will take around 400 days to complete, with completion expected by spring 2023," said Lajos Jánosik.