The building of the Miskolc Directorate of MÁV has been renewed

- 2018.02.21.
Our Property management sector closed the year of 2017 with a particularly spectacular and professionally challenging project. Under our framework agreement concluded with MÁV Zrt., we started the surveys for the maintenance and renovation of the MÁV headquarters building in Miskolc in 2017, and the building was handed over in December 2017, when the scaffolding was replaced by decorative Christmas lighting. The building, which has a great historical past, is located in a monumental environment and in a local settlement value protection area. The building itself is protected locally. The maintenance of the facade required serious technical design, in close collaboration with the city’s main engineer, the designer, the technical inspector and other partner departments of MÁV. In order to be able to reconstruct the authentic colours and forms, the designer has done archaeological research, thereby ensuring that the newly maintained building continues to fit into the city part. Due to the disintegrating plaster in many places, furthermore, the bad condition of the eaves and rainwater drainage system, maintenance has become necessary. The facade received a completely new surface: in the required areas, basic plaster repair, plaster reinforcement, primer and noble plaster was created, using the Sto system. Particular attention was paid to the reconstruction of decorative elements: during the replacement of the eaves system, many elements were rebuilt. Furthermore, the retainable ornamentic gypsum elements in good condition were also reinforced. The complete eaves system has been dismantled and newly constructed: full-surface plank bottom, supporting elements, curved profile eaves elements, eaves skirting and snow retaining elements have been developed. The project also had a number of unexpected turns, during which we could use our solution-oriented approach. The scaffolding of the building and ensuring a smooth and safe pedestrian traffic required great care; together with the storage and handling of raw materials. We are proud of the fact that the cooperation with the public space supervision, the chief architect, the designer and technical inspector was efficient and fruitful, thanks to which a modern, yet authentic facade could be created.