Jánosik és Társai Kft. is building a model residential park in Miskolc

- 2017.03.28.
The implementation of the model residential park built by Jánosik és Társai Kft. proceeds according to the schedule, and the owners will be able to move in already in this year. The 100% Hungarian private-owned company creates the model residential park - incorporating 49 apartments - as an own investment worth about HUF 1.5 billion. Almost half of the buildings have already been constructed and the establishment of interior spaces has begun. As Jánosik Kft. has several decades of practice in construction industry implementation, operation, park maintenance, therefore they will not leave those moving in alone, but take care of the comfort of those living there and of the operation by providing complex services. The company was not established for only this single project, thus it is reliable with the fulfilment of longer-term guarantees and warranty obligations, which solution can serve as a pattern also for other investments. In Jura Residential Park, established in a green area near the centre of Miskolc which is still quiet, the floor space of the smallest apartment is 60 and of the largest is 110 square meters. If needed, the yet unfinished apartments can be redesigned according to the requirements of buyers - even by displacing the partition walls. The ready apartments can be further modified by drywall partition walls. When designing the layout, care was taken to ensure that also the smaller-sized apartments can provide a comfortable living space for those living in them. In the attics, 6 pcs of penthouse homes will be created with all comfort and luxuries. The premium-category hard floors and interior finishes can be customized in the flats. In the course of implementation, environmental awareness is of particular importance. For the energy supply of apartments, an energy-efficient, low-cost system has been designed. The safety of those moving into the residential park is ensured by a closed garden, an underground parking garage and an access control system. The buildings are fully clean and accessible, equipped with lifts. A separate playground will await families with children. Those moving into the model residential park can take advantage of ‘CSOK’, the government’s home-creating program.