All-round training plan supports our colleagues’ development

- 2018.05.23.
Our basic values include continuous development and renewal, therefore each our sector has its modern and relevant training plan. We assign the competencies and important specialist knowledge relevant for the actual sector each year, and our colleagues learn new technologies, soft skills and legal knowledge in accordance with it. With regard to that we work with numerous chemicals and special machines, many times in industrial areas and facilities difficult to approach, we pay special attention to occupational health and safety.  The annual fire protection training is also connected to it, treating the effective regulations as well. In addition, the number of colleagues trained in first aid provision increases year by year. As an environmentally aware company, waste management and recycling knowledge is taught by the environmental officer. We prefer use of environment-friendly detergents and tools where it is possible. For the quality assurance, we have established our integrated management systems in accordance with strict ISO standards and qualifications. Our colleagues receive detailed information and training in the changes occurred in their specialties and the internal rules. Correct data management and discretion are essential for our operation therefore the training portfolio includes also transmission of information security and data protection rules and regulations. Since the GDPR’s coming into force, we train our colleagues in the data protection act in general, and pay special emphasis on that our colleagues get acquainted with our company’s data protection rules, including the data handled by us and the forms necessary for it.  Beyond the above, in each sector we ensure for our colleagues the possibility of passing the exams necessary for using the machines, vehicles applied.  The modern operation of the company is supported by the learning of the new software programs such as ARCHICAD, MS Project, with the up-to-date business competencies also learned. We are proud of our colleagues’ willingness to learn and commitment to renewal.