Jánosik Kft built a temple

- 2020.04.15.
Jánosik és Társai Kft built a Greek Catholic temple in Mezőkövesd. The green field project was done by the company from the foundations to the turn-key condition. They won the work in a tender call and they could meet the very short, five months’ completion date – informed us Lajos Jánosik, owner of the company. In year 2018, Jánosik Kft having been present in the construction industry for 30 years performed the renewal, extension and modernisation of the primary school operating in Miskolc and kept by the bishopric, and it proved to be a good reference work. Construction of a temple is a relatively rare event, so the bishopric, the town, the inhabitants and the local community paid special attention to the project. Because of the structure of the dumped soil, 3 meters deep pier foundation was prepared. Owing to the design consisting of several bays, the roof structure includes special, arched reinforced concrete structures. Special formwork and static elements were necessary during the construction. The main laminated wooden supporting elements of the dome were lifted to their places by a crane. Nice, wooden doors and windows of special quality were installed. Centrally remote-controlled windows of electrical movement were assembled in the dome. The heating is implemented by electric floor heating and electric convectors, which can even be controlled from wifi network. The company had to provide some of the particular accessories of the temple during the construction. Thus the side-seats (standing chairs with arm-rest placed next to the wall, in Greek “sztaszidion”) and the chandelier of the temple were purchased as well.   The cross found on the top of the temple building was manufactured and placed in accordance with the liturgical rules of the church. The stone pavement was also prepared by the professionals of Jánosik Kft. On the average 10 workers were continually working on the construction. The building is fully complete. The church has started to prepare the dedication of the temple. After that, Christ believers will be able to put it in daily practice.